ABOUT Seven Star Corporation

Professional Manufacturers of Soaps and Hotel Amenities

Seven Star Corporation c.c is an empowered equity with level 1B = BBEE certification, specializing in R&D, design, manufacturing and distribution of a superior caliber of hotel amenities and related products, nationally and globally. Our soap manufacturing facility has the most recent, up to date sophisticated machinery and technology capable of producing refined, smooth, natural and tripple milled soap to the most premium superior quality standards.


Our Pillars of Success are

Reliable Services

Consistent delivery of quality products. Efficient global distribution and network supply through inbuilt logistics and operations team, Comprehensive customer and product support. We have a wide distribution and logistics and operations team which can handle movement of large tonnages. We are tied up with the largest and leading global logistics companies which helps us to move our product seamlessly across globe.


Quality assurance is always a high priority for our business and we pride ourselves that we are tied up with leading suppliers who meet the stringent QC standards. Each of the production facilities are regularly audited and have latest standard operating procedure in place. Seven Star Corporation provides unique understanding of manufacturing process in our field. By combining knowledge and best technologies we achieve unprecedented control over our production. Our extensive testing computerized process modeling, state of the art production equipment and conscientious employee all contribute to quality advantage.

Market Research and Analysis

Our Market research department and broad customer base give us a unique real-time understanding of commercial trends. Successful marketing strategy starts with an understanding of the markets they serve and customers they represent. Seven Star Corporation has a global perspective and we keep tab on day to day market trend. We back up our observations with opinions of industry experts to form a complete picture of competitive pricing and product offering.

Customer Care

It’s all about customer satisfaction, how to meet and exceed their expectations,

The Next Generation Company

Our customers are placed at the heart of our corporate strategy. At Seven Star Corporation our organization is geared to offer the best solutions to our customers requirement. We understand that the best services require the best tools on trade.